Learning Fear

She has conquered the fears of others. Now she must face her own ...

Jaguar Addams knows all about fear. On Planetoid Three, she works to establish an empathic link with the darkest criminal minds -- forcing offenders to face the fears that drive them to their most desperate acts.

Now, the controversial History of Empathic Arts is being considered as a course of university study. An anti-empathic faction opposes the decision, accusing empaths of being immoral mind readers out to bend others to their will. Posing as a professor, Jaguar must determine the agenda of this extremist movement -- which may be involved in the disappearance of four students the year before. But her mission, and her abilities, have been discovered. Someone is telepathically invading Jaguar's mind -- and stirring up her own long dormant fears ...

B.A. Chepaitis


Ace An Ace Science Fiction Release

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ISBN 0-441-00696-5